Have you ever found yourself asking why you need non-slip floor treatments? Firstly with non-slip floor treatments, your floor will retain its look and feel while significantly increasing its safety. So the positives far outweigh the cost of installing the non-slip treatments…

As a business owner, you are required to maintain the safety and security of your staff by creating the best possible work environment. Aside from being a legal requirement, you also have a moral and ethical obligation to your customers and employees. Most insurance companies also prefer that you protect yourself and them against the possibility of being sued for having slippery floors. The reality is that slip,trip and fall accidents account for the second-highest accidental death rate. The first is car accidents.

So here is why you need non-slip treatments:

  • To prevent injuries after a fall on a slippery floor
  • Avoid any costly slip-and-fall lawsuits
  • Minimize liability insurance and production losses

Make sure you check out our non-slip floor treatment products below or visit our YouTube channel for application videos on anti-slip tape, non-slip coatings and much much more…

Anti-Slip Treatment Ceramic
Anti-Slip Treatment Porcelain
Anti-Slip Treatment DIY Kit