Non-Slip Tapes are used to prevent accidents on floors that could cause injury. Slip prevention is no joke. Millions of people die each year from slip and fall accidents. Not only do slipping accidents cause injury and death, but millions in lost revenue and compensation claims. They’re also useful for keeping items in place when moving furniture around.

Self Adhesive Tape

There are two main types of non-slip tapes available: self-adhesive and pressure sensitive. Both types work by creating an adhesive surface that sticks to itself and prevents slipping. However, there are some differences between the two. Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Tapes are usually made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. PVC is a type of plastic that’s commonly found in household products such as shower curtains, garbage bags, and food storage containers. It’s also used in floor tiles, vinyl siding, and roof shingles. Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Vinyl Tape

Pressure-sensitive Non-Slip Tapes are typically made with acrylic or silicone rubber. They’re often used in medical applications because they adhere well to the skin and other surfaces without leaving residue.

Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Tapes

Self-adhesive non-slip tapes come in rolls and are usually applied by hand. It’s also known as masking tape. It has a sticky surface that allows it to stick to itself and other surfaces. It’s not recommended for use on glass or metal because it will leave a residue. Permanent tape is available in various widths and lengths. It’s designed to stay stuck to whatever surface it’s applied to. It’s commonly used to cover up temporary markings or signs. It can also be used to protect furniture and walls from damage.

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