When asking Why Do You Need Stair Nosing, we have to evaluate the meaning of the words. Often the term “stair nose” is not common knowledge, but although we might not have heard the term, we have probably seen it out in the real world. Stair treads, put simply, is a slip-proof sheet of metal with a grip fitting, placed firmly along the length of each stair. These protective sheets provide additional grip while also clearly marking the edge of each step.

Here are some benefits of stair nosing:

– adds protection to the stairs
– also help to keep people safe
– help to define the steps to prevent falls
– help to protect the individual steps from normal wear and tear

Stair nosing comes in many shapes, forms, and colors. The most functional or practical is Aluminum stair nosing or known as stair treads. These come in different variations like single and double. They also come with a rubber insert or a non-skid tape insert for different applications.

Advantages of stair nosing

Two of the biggest advantages are that you can stick the stair nosing down to the slippery stair with glue, adhesive tape, or by using fasteners. The second advantage is that they protect your stairs from damage, so if anything hard falls onto the stair, the stair tread will take the impact. If it gets damaged, you just have to replace the length of the stair.

If you don’t want to use Aluminum stair protection products, you can always consider a non-slip coating or an anti-slip treatment for your slippery stairs. At Slip No More, there has never been a slippery floor we couldn’t fix. Thanks to our cutting edge product development dept, we are always developing new products.

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