Someone asked us the question, who needs non-slip floor treatments? And the answer is simple, EVERYONE. We all know it is essential to maintain our floors to keep them in their best condition. The reason for this is so that they last long. Have you ever thought about the reason why you need non-slip treatments? The simple answer is to save lives. Slippery floors account for the second highest accidental death rate in the world. That’s how serious the problem is. As a building owner, manager, or tenant, it is your responsibility to take slip prevention seriously.

There are a few questions about who needs non-slip floor treatment.

  • Is the area a public space
  • Does the area experience high volumes of foot traffic?
  • when the floor is wet, Can the area be closed off completely?

Regardless of whether the place is your house or workplace. You like them decorated and looking good so dont forget the floors. Apart from making your floors look good, it is critical to make them safe.

Public places and workplaces need non-slip floor treatments. Our product range of slip prevention products is designed to increase the slip resistance of your floor at your home…

If you need floor safety advise or to confirm if you have used the right slip prevention product, chat to one of our floor safety experts or visit our social media channels.

We would love to help you make your home or office a safer place to walk. We have been doing this for long enough to know that we can guide you in the right direction after assessing your floor safety needs