Anti-Slip floor treatments are vital in maintaining a safe and practical surface. Almost half of all major injuries reported each year are caused as a result of a slip or trip. And most of these are workplace injuries. Interestingly, slip and fall accidents account for the second highest accidental death rate. The first is car accidents.

These cost employers huge amounts in lost production and other costs. Not to mention the feeling of knowingly injuring an employee. All of this could be prevented by simply applying an anti-slip floor treatment. Unfortunately, the cost of training a temporary employee is also a cost that no one takes into account.

Make sure you check out these anti-slip floor treatments to help make your floors safe. We have developed a ready-to-use anti-slip floor treatment for most types of tiles. All of our products conform to NFSI specifications.

When applying anti-slip floor treatments, the process is relatively simple. First off, always start by washing the floor. Our Cleaner & Maintainer is perfectly suited to all types of tiles. This product removes oil, grease, and grime from the floor. Once the floor is clean and dry, it is ready for treatment. Apply the treatment with a pressure sprayer as per the directions. Once the pre-determined time has been reached, make sure that you spray the Neutralizer in the same manner that you sprayed the treatment.

If instructions are followed correctly, this treatment should last for up to 3 years. We always suggest that you periodically deep clean the floor with the Cleaner & Maintainer so that you can get the longest life out of the treatment.

Please remember, if you are unsure about any step of the application, you can refer to the packaging or our YouTube channel for detailed instructions.