Workers in all types of facilities need to be able to move across your floors with confidence. Your priority as a building owner is to Stop Slips and Falls in Your Facility. When a floor is installed, and the coating that is applied to it is incorrect, it causes unnecessary issues. If liquid spills onto a floor that does not have a Non-Slip Coating, you risk injuring your employees.

When building or re-vamping a factory or warehouse, it is important to consider how to avoid Stop Slips and Falls in Your Facility:

  • Do you run the risk of having liquid spilled onto your floor regularly?
  • Is your warehouse or factory a high-traffic area
  • Do you have foot traffic as well as vehicular traffic on your floor?
  • Have you made provision for demarcated walkways?
  • Do you want to stop slips and falls in your facility?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you probably need to consult a floor safety specialist. At Slip No More, we have been manufacturing Non-Slip Coatings for more than 15 years. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on how to demarcate your factory walkways and, most importantly, reduce Slip & Fall accidents.

Non-Slip Coatings and Anti-Slip Treatments are extremely important when running a large-scale operation. When you have the wrong type of floor installed, you run the risk of litigation and downtime, and that becomes expensive. Always make sure you have the correct factory floor coating.

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