Not many people are aware that simply adding stair nosing to your staircase can protect your staircase. The stair nosing helps maintain the staircase and also improves the safety of the stairs so the benefits long term far outweigh the short-term cost involved in the installation.

Stair Nosing can protect your stairs because it covers the edges of them. When the edge of the stair is covered, it can’t be damaged by anything falling onto the stairs. Often, shoes are also the cause of damage to stairs. When Stair Nosing is installed onto stairs, it helps with making them Anti-Slip too.

Every Dollar we spend on our home or office needs to be well spent. If you have a slippery stair problem and need to revamp your stairs, then why not consider Stair Nosing? This product will cover the chipped or scratched edges of the stairs and make them non-slip.

Stairs and how slippery they are

If you have ever wondered how to fix slippery stairs, then you might know how dangerous they are. more than 65% of slip and fall accidents happen on slippery stairs.

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