When it comes to floor safety solutions, there are a lot of different ways to increase the safety of various walking surfaces, which range in price but are all effective.

Here are some simple solutions to improve the safety of your floors:

Foyers and Entrances

  • Placing entrance mats with adhesive-backed, absorbent mats to prevent slips, trips, and falls as people enter the building
  • Applying non-slip floor treatments

Production Areas

  • Applying non-slip paint or coatings
  • Using absorbent rolls or mats in aisles and walkways
  • Installing anti-fatigue mats with drainage holes in wet or oily areas
  • Using appropriate floor cleaners or revising cleaning schedules

Receiving and Shipping Docks

  • Replacing smooth metal walking surfaces with diamond plate
  • Using squeegees or absorbents to manage rain or snow that enters when dock doors are open

Cafeterias, Break Rooms, and Coffee Islands

  • Placing adhesive-backed absorbent mats in front of ice machines, sinks, and microwaves
  • Ensuring that there are adequate supplies of paper towels or napkins to quickly clean up messes as well as sufficient trash cans to collect wastes

We have a range of products that are specifically designed to achieve exactly this:

Anti Slip Treatments For Tiled Floors
Non-Slip Coatings For All Floors
Cleaners and Preparation Products
Non-Slip Self-Adhesive Tapes For Stairs

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