Without Anti-Slip Tape, same-level slips, trips, and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injuries. In addition to the direct costs associated with these incidents, these injuries can be life-altering for employees.

So here is how you can improve your floor safety in 3 simple steps

Conduct a Floor and Walkway Audit

It might sound unorthodox but look at a walkway and then close your eyes. If you are too afraid to walk down the walkway and have a fear of slipping on the floor or falling down slippery stairs, then open your eyes and make some changes. All jokes aside, slip-and-fall accidents can be avoided, and using something as simple as self-adhesive Anti-Slip Tape could save a life.

Declutter and Organize Work Areas

Make it as easy as possible to move around in slippery areas. Use different colored  Anti-Slip Tape to demarcate hazardous areas and make sure the floor is in good condition

Apply a Non-Slip Floor Product

There are loads of Anti-Slip products on the market. For starters, Anti-Slip tape is by far the easiest to apply. Anti-Slip tape can be used on most flat surfaces as long as they are clean and free of dust and oil. The ideal areas for Anti-Slip Tape are stairs, ramps, and walkways. The end of the stair is always the slipperiest, and putting a strip of Anti-Slip tape will make slippery stairs safe within a few minutes.

There is also Anti-Slip Hardware such as stair nosing, stair treads, or stair end caps. These Anti-Slip products often have to be installed onto the floor via fasteners or specialist glues. They work well by making your stairs non-slip and look amazing, but are not as cost-effective as Anti-Slip Tape

For more complicated areas, a Non-Slip coating is our next suggestion. Coatings include Non-Slip Epoxy and Non-Slip Polyurethane, and these come in both solvent and water-based options depending on the environment that the slippery floor is in.

Make sure you check out our range of slip-prevention products to help improve your floor safety. You can also visit the national floor safety institute for more information on the topic