cleaning in progressSome people are naturally clumsy and accidents tend to happen wherever they go. However, for others accidents are normally due to negligence. If you have noticed a lot of unwanted slip and fall injuries around your home or office then you need to learn a secret that can change everything. Discover how non-slip technology can help you to avoid nasty accidents.

There are many ways people go about protecting themselves. In homes and offices it is high tech security. In peoples personal lives, medical-aid and other insurance is essential but what about your flooring? You have probably never thought that your floor could be the reason why you are experiencing nasty accidents. The truth of the matter is that your floors can land you in the hospital if you are not careful. In order to avoid cashing in on your medical aid, you simply need to get a hold of non-slip technology. This might not sound particularly fancy but it can save your life and avoid expensive law suits if you do own a business.

When it comes to your flooring non-slip technology is not a luxury but a necessity. There are a number of different options to choose from, but the most popular one is non-slip coating. This is because it can be applied to almost any type of flooring. It also dries completely clear, which means that your floors will keep the aesthetics they had in their original form. Once the solution has been applied it creates a type of coating that makes the floor completely slip free. This is possible because it creates microscopic pores on the surface. Don’t worry, these pores do not damage the flooring in any way. Once the pores are created they then act similar to that of a suction cup. This means that the surface will create a type of bond between your shoe and the flooring, making it impossible to slip. On top of this, the technology has also been designed to repel water and oil to a certain degree. Even if there is water on the floor, you will not slip. Needless to say this technology is highly sought after. It is so easy to apply and you will have safe flooring in an instant. This is the only solution for you if you want to avoid future trips to the hospital. It can also save you money if you are running a business. You will not have to fear being landed with a law suit due to a slip and fall injury on your premises.

DIY for small spaces

When it comes to your home, you may have a small area that you need to apply the non-slip technology to. You can do this yourself with the DIY kit. This kit comes inclusive of the non-slip solution as well as the cleaning agent. If you are interested in either of these solutions you need to come to us at Slip No More. Visit our website to find our more!