In this post, we will share three simple floor safety tips to help you keep your walking surfaces clean are safe. Did you know that Over 50% of slip, trip, and fall incidents are caused by problems with the walking surface, according to the National Floor Safety Institute? So you can see why it is essential to keep your floor surface clean and not slippery.

There are ways to minimize the potential for slip and fall injuries. You can add longevity to walking surfaces to evaluate each type of floor in the workplace. You can also ensure that improper cleaning methods aren’t contributing to unsafe conditions. One of the best floor safety tips is to keep walking surfaces clean. You should also have a clean slip prevention strategy in place. Using anti-slip products is crucial in improving overall floor safety.

Three common floor cleaning problems that can contribute to unsafe walking surfaces are using the wrong:

  • Cleaning product
  • Cleaning method
  • Frequency for cleaning

No single cleaning method or product will work on every surface. In fact, trying to consolidate the number of cleaning products or using the same cleaning method and frequency throughout the facility could be part of the problem if floors are slippery.

Discover what anti-slip treatment is required for your walking surface, then make sure you keep the walking surface clean and that is an important floor safety tip.  to avoid any unnecessary slipping.

Anti-Slip Treatment Ceramic
Non-Slip Treatment Porcelain
Anti-Slip Treatment DIY Kit

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