Without following these 3 steps on how to avoid slips and falls, you could find your employees injured or worse.

It can happen at any time to anyone that dreaded moment, the lapse of concentration when your whole world gets turned upside down and boom, ends in a slip, trip, or fall. It is of vital importance to protect your employees and business by following these safety tips about fall prevention. These types of accidents can lead to serious injuries so need to be avoided at all costs.

Here are 3 tips to avoid slips and falls

Create Good Housekeeping Practices

  • Make sure you have cleaning equipment that is in working order.
  • Always provide enough cleaning materials for the cleaning team to use
  • Put a proper floor cleaning schedule in place

Reduce Wet or Slippery Surfaces to avoid slips and falls in 3 steps

  • Make sure you have no leaking water that flows onto the floor. Leaking water comes from taps, toilets, or irrigation systems.
  • Anti-Slip Tape is a great short-term fix. Always have a few rolls ready to use on stairs and ramps
  • When doing alterations, always take safety into account

Create and Maintain Proper Lighting

  • Poor lighting makes slip-and-fall hazards difficult to see
  • Use glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tape to mark stairs and ramps

YouTube is a great place to learn more about avoiding slips and falls, there are also some funny videos of slips and falls that could have been avoided with the guide.