What happens when an avid entrepreneur who’s conducted countless hours of market research decides on Anti-slip flooring decides to break away and create a market-leading product to end all competitors? Well, Slip No More happens, and we’re a company born from the passion of a man with a point to prove. Considering the abundance of business incentives out there in the world, wouldn’t you rather have a company take care of your floors knowing our utmost goal is of your safety? Slip prevention is not something the average individual is aware of however it is used in the domestic and commercial world can make all the difference for those willing to give it a try!

Anti Slip Flooring comes in many different shapes and forms, not all products are made equal, and Slip No More has certainly made a valiant effort to ensure that our products are the industry’s most effective range. Of course, as with any business, affordability, and consistency is of the essence. To mirror this sentiment within our company we have established an intricate network of operators that are all equipped to install our products with the same degree of professionalism regardless of where you purchase our products! Slip No More are the clearest indication of evolution in slip prevention and we’re here to keep you grounded!

Anti-slip flooring coatings for any surface

Our anti-slip coating products are suited to just about any surface you care to mention. It’s not out of the ordinary that we’re asked about the manner in which our products may interfere with the aesthetic value of your tiles etc. but here is a testimonial from a satisfied customer.

When I installed our new tiles in the living room and patio we realized that when they got wet they became very slippery, we didn’t want the kids to get injured so we searched for a solution on the internet. We came across a few companies but the one that really stood out was Slip No More. They responded to our inquiry in a flash and had a team on-site within 2 days to do the job. I would suggest Slip No More to anyone who has the same problem.

Let’s see your poker face…

Having the benefit of an anti-slip floor under your foot will provide you with peace of mind not afforded to those who choose to take their chances. There is no doubting that over the years we become more accustomed to unstable and slippery surfaces but is this a gamble you’re willing to take with your loved ones? Or as a business owner is this a risk you’re willing to stomach with your valued or high-profile clients? If the answer is a resounding no as it should be, then Slip No More are the company for you! For more information please contact us today!