When searching for tips on the safety of your floor, it is essential that you create a safe and happy environment in the workplace. All property owners are responsible for increasing floor safety to prevent injuries. With this in mind, floor safety is vital, and anti-slip treatments or non-slip coatings increase overall safety.

Here are 3 tips to follow to improve the safety of your floors

  • Place warning signs on wet areas
  • Treat your floors with the correct non-slip treatment
  • Clean the surface correctly

If you follow these simple tips, you will keep your floors safe and prevent any injuries or slip and fall accidents at your premises.

Warning Signs

Warning signs come in many shapes and forms. There are yellow a-frame signs that can be placed in close proximity to a spill. There are also slip prevention warning signs that are placed on walls. You can also use window signage to highlight slippery floors if the

Non-Slip Treatments

Non-Slip treatments have been used since the early 90s, and while most of them are effective, some companies cut corners. When we develop floor safety products, we use the highest quality raw materials. Our raw materials are sourced from credible suppliers.


Put cleaning procedures in place. A clean floor is a safe floor. Not to mention that your floor will look good too. Always use good quality floor cleaners with tools in good condition.

Cleaners and Maintenance Products
Non-Slip Treatments For All Floors
Non-Slip Coatings For Tiled Floors

YouTube is a valuable tool when learning about slip prevention products. We have an entire channel dedicated to the prevention of slips trips and falls. Here`s 3 reasons why you need Floor treatments