Becoming a Slip No More Master Distributor gives you the power to be the master of your own destiny!

We are currently looking for a Master Distributor in the United Kingdom. Being based in the United Kingdom has many advantages, including the ability to service sub-distributors throughout Europe. Operating as a Master Distributor involves setting up a national network of operators that can service the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Our range of slip-prevention products is designed to increase the slip resistance of floors at homes, offices, factories as well as supermarkets, and shopping malls.

Slip-prevention products are a crucial factor to consider in these environments. We specialize in Anti-Slip flooring products for tiles as well as Non-Slip coatings and Anti-Slip Tape for any kind of surface.

These products and other slip-prevention products can be applied to flat surfaces as well as ramps, loading bays, and stairs. There is no area too difficult for us to apply our slip prevention products.

Take advantage of a never to be repeated offer.

Slip No More is growing rapidly, and we need a Master Distributor to supply Consumers, Commercial Customers, Industrial Customers, and the Hospitality Industry through a national network of operators. Setting up sub-distributors is easy and can be done over a few weeks.

Our products can be applied to virtually any floor surface and in any environment across all industries. From Factory floors and workshops to luxury bathrooms and entertainment areas, there has never been a slippery floor we can’t fix. Our range is wide, and our pricing is ultra competitive too. For more information on becoming a Slip No More distributor, APPLY HERE

Our Product Range

As a Master Distributor, you will be able to offer to Slip No More distributors to these products on a BUY AS YOU NEED basis:

Our lead generation program allows you to benefit from our global footprint. We advertise nationally across all social media platforms and business-to-business platforms, and you get the lead. 


Potential Customers

Our customer base is HUGE and has unlimited potential. Our product range is suited to

Medical Industry

Educational Facilities

Hospitality Industry

Manufacturing Facilities

Office Parks & Warehouses

Restaurant & Catering Industry

Residential Market

Government Facilities


As the Master Distributor, you will be able to set up sub-distributors throughout the United Kingdom. Furthermore, you will also have the first option to supply distributors throughout the rest of Europe.

The floor safety industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries over the past 5 years. Floor safety products are required in all types of industries and in most places, are required by law. The floor safety industry is recession-proof and has unlimited growth potential.

We manufacture all of our products and are constantly improving our product range.

Join the Global Team

Slip No More has over 15 years of international experience. We are proud members of the National Floor Safety Institute and are constantly working on helping the industry grow. We have a research and development team that is constantly innovating and expanding our product range. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint while still maintaining the highest level of efficacy in our products.

Join our global team as we launch in Europe and benefit from our exponential growth


Our business model is tried and tested and is fail-proof. The effort you put in will determine how much you make. It’s literally that simple.

Our Ideal Candidate

If you have an existing company with a network of operators in the United Kingdom this opportunity os perfect for you

Any contractors that are currently working in the United Kingdom (Handymen, Painters, Tilers, etc.).

Anyone with access to a business-to-business network

Experience in the health and safety industry can be advantageous. You will quickly find that your network can generate leads quickly to your current client base.

Personality Traits: Friendly, courteous, and the ability to sell, along with the willingness to earn

Role of distributor: Owner/operator (hands-on)